Sunday, December 23, 2012

SOC Wish list

Over at SOC we have a Blog Challenge. This weeks blog is to a create a wishlist. My wishlist is as follows:

Peace and love for the world.
For my family and friends to stay healthy in 2013
For my children to continue to be great kids
To be able to forgive and forget those that have hurt me in past
For my scraproom to be clean and organized - I started a wishlist of items just for this room alone
To hook up the wireless printer to the network so I can print from anywhere and move the printer off the desk for more space
For all the members of SOC (you count as friends and family too), to happy, healthy, and to keep spreading the love through crafting.

    ScrapRoom Wishlist
    -Magazine organization
    -Rubber Stamp organization
    -Ribbon organization
    -Mobile Cart for frequently used items

Oh yeah last but not least I need money for all these organization tools I need! LOL!

Happy Holidays and May GOD Bless you and your family this Holiday Season and all year long!

This is what I am working with now, not complaining, but I would like it more organized and I plan on making it happen.


  1. Love your wish list. Especially this one: To be able to forgive and forget those that have hurt me in past!! Great one!!

  2. Great wish list. I agree with Kiana...To be able to forgive and forget those that hurt us in the past...great wish. I will pray for you and I on that one...Have a great Holiday Season. Kinkybella

  3. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas...Happy New Year.

  4. Okay, how is it that I love your list better than my own?? LOL...The first four would be such a blessing, everything else would be icing on the cake! I agree with you on the craftroom though--I want to work on mine, but unfortunately have more plans than budget! TFS and Merry Christmas!

  5. The forgiveness is a great onr- a true gift to yourself. May your wishes come true.

  6. Nice wish your cards on your site!