Sunday, December 8, 2013

Love you A Latte Cartridge

There was a fundraiser at my son's school and I made a sign for the Warm Drinks
 Booth with the Love you A Latte Cartridge. Lots of fun cuts on this cartridge I am sure I will use it again.  Cars pulling up in the parking lot were able to see the sign and we actually made money for the athlete's. It was a win win.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Quilted Christmas - Featured Cartridge of the Month

Sorry this post is so late in the month, but I have been very busy!!!

This month I am featuring the A Quilted Christmas Cartridge by Cricut. I bought it last year and never used it so I thought what better time than to use it now for some Christmas Cards.

This card I cut out  Santa3 on page 32 at 3" and MrsClaus on page 32, also at 3". I used a  Recollections pre-cut card, size is 5 in by 6.5 in. The Merry Christmas sentiment is one that I found at Wal-Mart, can't remember the brand as it was out of the wrapper.

Christmas Card

Christmas Card using copuc markers to color Miss Candy from Rubbernecker Stamps.  Paper is Mambi sheets.

More Copic Practice

Here are a few pictures that I have been using as practice to learn how to use my Copic markers. Now it is time to put my practice to work. I will be making Christmas Cards using some of the stamps you see you here. Still getting the hang of shading, but I think with practice it will get better!